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Print NEMF's Uniform BOL Terms and Conditions
Create BOL "NEW" (requires user ID & password)
Create BOL "NEW" (user ID & password not required)
Create Miscellaneous BOL (PDF fill in):
     (a) BOL 12 Detail Lines
     (b) BOL 24 Detail Lines
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Create BOL "NEW" (requires user ID and password) is the capability to create Bills of Lading on-line. This powerful tool allows requesters to save BOL Profile information to aid in the creation of future Bills of Lading, and to schedule a pickup directly from the BiIl of Lading. The requester will receive a BOL confirmation screen, which allows a fully formatted BOL to be printed. Create BOL (NEW) requires a user ID and password, which can be requested on-line.

Create BOL "NEW" (user ID and password not required) is the same as the"Create BOL 'NEW'" option that requires a user ID and password except that no BOL profile information is referenced or saved. A pickup can be scheduled from this BOL option.

Create Miscellaneous BOL (PDF fill in form): 12 Detail Lines or 24 Detail Lines is the capability for users to create a bill of lading on-line without saving BOL information for future bills of lading or passing information for scheduling a pickup. The miscellaneous Bill of Lading can be printed or saved to the requester's local workstation. This is the original NEMF BOL PDF form, which will be maintained for our customers who prefer it. No user ID and password required.

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