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Current Date/Time: 02/19/2019 03:42 PM EST
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Single shipments of less than 500 lbs. picked up at one time and site, unaccompanied by any other shipment of any description, from the same consignor, will be subject to an additional charge.
Hazardous Materials: No Yes
Terms: Prepaid/Third Party Inbound Collect Outbound Collect
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After Hours Delivery After Hours Pickup AM Guarantee
Before Hours Canadian Service Charge COD Collect
COD Prepaid Detention Time Exhibition/Convention Charge
Helper Charge Holiday/Sunday Pickup Inbond Charge
Inside Delivery Lift Gate Notify Charge
Private Residence Proof of Delivery Saturday Delivery
Saturday Pickup Sort & Segregation United States Security Charge
OverLength 8.1' TO 12' OverLength 12.1' TO 16' OverLength 16.1' TO 20'
OverLength Over 20' Winter Program Camp Delivery
Church Delivery Farm Delivery Self Storage Unit Delivery
Military Base Delivery Limited Access-Straight Truck Required

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